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33 degree yoga
Mike Massey is the stone that the builder refused. Growing up in Roxbury, Massachusetts, a multi-racial, poor and disenfranchised individual, Mike was forced to overcome his fair share of obstacles. Witnessing firsthand what crime, drugs, low income, poor performing schools, domestic violence and losing friends to either: the prison system or the cemetery, can lead to; Mike quickly learned that the ability to BREATHE and stay calm would save his life. Mike was always known for quick wits and a broad imagination, so he constantly dreamt of better days, not just for his loved ones and himself, but for his community as well.
After suffering a severe fracture to his arm while playing semi-professional football, the answer to his dreams appeared. The trauma from the surgery to repair the extensive damage, allowed depression to set in. In an attempt to defeat the depression he was led to try yoga. Mike believed playing again would cure the pains. So he tried yoga; at that point to simply make a grand comeback on the field. The comeback was a success and he played football for three more years. Following the murder of his friend and teammate: Odin Lloyd, Mike decided that life was too short to wait for dreams to come true.
​Mike enrolled in a yoga teacher-training program at South Boston Yoga. He trained intensely under David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund (the owners of South Boston Yoga).
As soon as the ink was dry on his certification Mike took to the streets; literally teaching any and everywhere. Teaching yoga to anyone who would listen. Mike’s name is now synonymous with the word “YOGA” in Boston and all surrounding areas. His focus is to spread the healing powers of the craft around the world.

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Sunday, September 22

2:00pm EDT