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PSYCHIC MEDIUM RACHEL PERRY is a spiritual clairvoyant medium and holistic practitioner. She works with the divine light to connect with the world of spirit. Her extraordinary psychic and mediumistic abilities allow her to relay recognizable information and healing messages from loved ones and spirit guides on the higher side of life.
Rachel has studied at the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences in England. Through the years of her practice, she has had the honor and privilege to train and work with some of the most prominent Mediums in the United States and United Kingdom.
Rachel’s practice is dedicated to the study of life-after-death. She empowers and encourages her clients to develop their own connection with the divine in order to hear their unique inner voice and to fulfill their own spiritual destiny that will manifest the happiness they desire without fear. Rachel has a solid reputation for being able to communicate with spirit. She provides evidential messages that are relevant, personal and detailed, thus proving the continuity of life. In her private practice located on Cape Cod, Osterville, MA, she offers private and group readings, and hosts workshops and seminars given by top spiritual teaches and healers. As a spiritual teacher, she also instructs a variety of workshops for inspiring psychic mediums.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, September 21

4:00pm EDT